Training & Transformation Sessions

Deep Healing & Inner Transformation

This deep healing will build your own connectivity, trust in self and activation of the Divine Feminine within. It gives a powerful opportunity to connect with your own spirit guides and gives permission to your most authentic self to come to light and stand wholly in your power. The healing, high level vibration conversation leads to energetic expansion and helps one to sit in the highest level vibration best aligned to their soul.

What are Connectivity Training & Transformation Sessions?

The Connectivity sessions are available for anyone who is seeking guidance or advancement on their spiritual journey and own inner healing. The 90 minute sessions allow Charlotte to hold space with the high level vibration energy of Divine masters, guides and angels to work on the inner healing within for each individual client. This could pertain to understanding your own intuition, seeking guidance on your abilities, wanting to heal old past patterns including intergenerational healing, connection to past lives and more.

Important Information

Please be advised to book in for a Connectivity session you are committing to 4 sessions that must be used over a 6 month period. Consistency and the ability to have follow up sessions in a close frame of time is important to your development.

Feel free to enquire via email if you’d like guidance whether this is the best service for you.

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What clients say

“Charlotte has given me so much beautiful insight into my life. She is so gifted in the way she communicates messages and tunes into your energy! I have found so much comfort in having a place to explore and evolve my intuition. Specifically the work we do around utilising your own energy to heal. Being someone who is quite sensitive to energy it’s been hard not having a space to unpack and protect myself. I am so grateful to now...

Fynn, SYD

“Charlotte’s session guided me through tough, trickier times in a magical way! I’ve never felt more connected to myself, to my spirit guides and to The Divine. I’m experiencing such abundance with my spiritual work and I am truly so grateful.”

Erica, SYD

“WOW! I cannot recommend Charlotte enough. From the minute our zoom session started, I felt deeply connected to her and safe. Charlotte instantly picked up on my own interest in spirituality and our session naturally leant towards that. Charlotte gave me tools and tips on how to harness my energy and intuition and how to help energetically heal parts of me that need it. Charlotte always made sure the session was leading where I wanted it to and always checked...

Monique, SYD

I had no idea where to start when it came to working on my inner self and was constantly feeling ‘out of it’. Before Charlotte I felt as if I wasn’t really sure of my direction or who I really was. After only one session, I felt so much lighter and way less overwhelmed, as I really battle with anxiety. Not only do I feel healed and a sense of peace after every session, I have learnt so much about...

Tayla, MELB

"Charlotte's style is unique and powerful. I would describe her as a spiritual innovator. She combines energetic work with an intellectual overlay and counsel so that you clearly understand what is taking place and are able to direct and discuss your situation whilst she works with the energy. This refreshing approach touches the mind, body and soul, and I particularly love that no topic is too daunting for Charlotte. You will find that every consultation is different and she enables...

Rebecca, SYD
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