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Guidance, Connection & Clarity

Charlotte works as a channel using her clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance abilities to pass on messages directly from spirit. Often the energy of loved ones who have passed over step forward to communicate messages of healing, love and guidance.

What is a Psychic Medium Reading?

A psychic medium reading consists of a 60 minute session with Charlotte where you are offered a safe space to connect with the other side. Typically a session has three components; the psychic aspect which is seeking guidance about your future and receiving messages accordingly, the mediumship aspect which is connecting to energies on the other side whether they be loved ones, angels, teams, guides or masters and the third is the healing aspect where energetic healing is embedded throughout the session. This allows for clearing, alignment and compliments the messages delivered by spirit.

Package options are available upon request – Please enquire for more details.

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What clients say

"My husband, son, sister, niece and I have had a reading with Charlotte several times and are more than satisfied with our outcomes. Charlotte is amazing and beautiful and is spot on with what she says. We highly recommend her."

Mim, SYD

"KC Spirit is a safe space for me to heal, grow and learn about my spirituality. As my relationship has grown with Charlotte and the work we do through KC Spirit, I have been lucky enough to work on my own spiritual development through the mentorship of Charlotte."

Amelia, SYD

"Charlotte from KC Spirit was amazing. It’s hard to put into words the work she does. She made me feel calm and connected from the first session. I didn’t quite know what I wanted or was searching for when I first contacted her. We have had a few now and each time I walk away with exactly what needed. She has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend her for a reading."

Randelle, SYD

​"I've had online and phone readings from Charlotte, when unable to see in her person. It was just as calming and insightful experience as if having it in real life. Charlotte's ability to be able to give advice and connect with you on a whole new level is a very powerful experience. Each reading gives guidance and meaning to one's life."

Madeleine, SYD

"As a very logical and skeptical person by nature I have had huge success from readings and spiritual guidance. I can say each experience and accuracy I hold at the highest regard. These readings have not only helped with my general life direction and health concerns but have also helped reconnect with my grandfather who passed. As a person who has received multiple readings from Charlotte I can attest to the fact that each and every one has been so...

Matthew, SYD
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