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Charlotte works as a channel using her clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance abilities to pass on messages directly from spirit. Often the energy of loved ones who have passed over step forward to communicate messages of healing, love and guidance.

What is a Psychic Medium Reading?

A psychic medium reading consists of a 60 minute session with Charlotte where you are offered a safe space to connect with the other side. Typically a session has three components; the psychic aspect which is seeking guidance about your future and receiving messages accordingly, the mediumship aspect which is connecting to energies on the other side whether they be loved ones, angels, teams, guides or masters and the third is the healing aspect where energetic healing is embedded throughout the session. This allows for clearing, alignment and compliments the messages delivered by spirit.

Package options are available upon request – Please enquire for more details.

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What clients say

"This woman has a true gift, wrapped in a physical form of such love and warmth you can’t help but feel totally loved, held and supported as she transports you to another realm of messages from beyond. Her ability to connect with the other side is clear, confident and mind blowing at times. I have had a few readings with Charlotte now and each one has been so moving, heart opening, healing and confirming for where I am at the...

Katie, SYD

"Charlotte has read for me 3 times now and every single reading is such an incredible experience. The way she can communicate with my spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed is always really reassuring for me to hear I'm on the right path in life. She also has a way of tuning into and clearing my energetic body and can explain blocked or over active chakras and what I need to do to move the energy. Every single...

Victoria, NZ

"I was lucky enough to meet Charlotte on a trip to India. To say that she knows “stuff” would be an understatement! Charlotte can see all because she has guides and spirits that tell her everything. She has a gift and she knows how to use it. If you have any fear about this kind of connection, Charlotte is your girl, an actual living earth angel. I didn’t have a reading with my friend until we were in LA together...

Hugh, LA

"At first I was a bit skeptical of Charlotte’s young age. She didn't fit the "criteria" of a psychic medium as others I had seen were a lot older. That was about 2 years ago and I can honestly say I have not looked back since. Her readings are so accurate and everything seems to fall into place and come to fruition. I had no doubt that she is connecting with my loved ones. I love hearing the messages my...

Lucy, SYD

"Charlotte has a very special gift. She has connected with many deceased family members and described them with perfect accuracy. She has told me things no one else would know and even things I didn’t know at the time. She has a positive attitude and provides helpful guidance on life decisions. Not only is she incredibly skilled as a psychic medium, but she’s warm, kind and caring. I have, and will continue to recommend her to others."

Josh, SYD
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