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Charlotte works as a channel using her clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance abilities to pass on messages directly from spirit. Often the energy of loved ones who have passed over step forward to communicate messages of healing, love and guidance.

What is a Psychic Medium Reading?

A psychic medium reading consists of a 60 minute session with Charlotte where you are offered a safe space to connect with the other side. Typically a session has three components; the psychic aspect which is seeking guidance about your future and receiving messages accordingly, the mediumship aspect which is connecting to energies on the other side whether they be loved ones, angels, teams, guides or masters and the third is the healing aspect where energetic healing is embedded throughout the session. This allows for clearing, alignment and compliments the messages delivered by spirit.

Package options are available upon request – Please enquire for more details.

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What clients say

"I was lucky enough to meet Charlotte on a trip to India. To say that she knows “stuff” would be an understatement! Charlotte can see all because she has guides and spirits that tell her everything. She has a gift and she knows how to use it. If you have any fear about this kind of connection, Charlotte is your girl, an actual living earth angel. I didn’t have a reading with my friend until we were in LA together...

Hugh, LA

"For anyone interested in psychic medium readings, Charlotte is the perfect, and only choice. Her readings are always done with passion and a deep level of care for her clients. The advice and knowledge she can give you on an intuitive level surrounding self care, your future, making hard decisions, connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, is unmatched. It is a gift to be in her presence always, but especially during readings."

Elizabeth, SYD

"Charlotte has provided me with support and guidance through some of the toughest moments of my life, proving to me that the world only gives its toughest challenges to its strongest warriors. Charlotte’s ability to create a space so calming and welcoming is incomparable and my time with her shifts my focus and energy into a more productive direction and assists me in finding fulfilment and happiness within myself that would otherwise had been obfuscated from my view. I could...

Hugo, SYD

​"I found my readings from Charlotte to be a very positive experience. Apart from the fact that she was crazily accurate with some of the stuff she said, there was real positivity to come from the content of what was said which was in a way eye-opening. I was very curious as to how a reading would happen and what would happen and I came away very satisfied and a little bit in awe."

Charles, SYD

"Charlotte's style is unique and powerful. I would describe her as a spiritual innovator. She combines energetic work with an intellectual overlay and counsel so that you clearly understand what is taking place and are able to direct and discuss your situation whilst she works with the energy. This refreshing approach touches the mind, body and soul, and I particularly love that no topic is too daunting for Charlotte. You will find that every consultation is different and she enables...

Rebecca, SYD
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