“Charlotte provides such a calming, comfortable and safe environment for her readings. I always leave her readings feeling very relaxed and clear headed. She provides great advice and extremely helpful prompts to guide your thinking. I would always recommend to others to go see Charlotte. It is something that would benefit everyone no matter where they are at in life.”

– Alice, SYD

“Charlotte has a very special gift. She has connected with many deceased family members and described them with perfect accuracy. She has told me things no one else would know and even things I didn’t know at the time. She has a positive attitude and provides helpful guidance on life decisions. Not only is she incredibly skilled as a psychic medium, but she’s warm, kind and caring. I have, and will continue to recommend her to others.”

– Josh, SYD

“Charlotte has provided me with support and guidance through some of the toughest moments of my life, proving to me that the world only gives its toughest challenges to its strongest warriors. Charlotte’s ability to create a space so calming and welcoming is incomparable and my time with her shifts my focus and energy into a more productive direction and assists me in finding fulfilment and happiness within myself that would otherwise had been obfuscated from my view. I could not recommend her services enough.”

– Hugo, SYD

​”I found my readings from Charlotte to be a very positive experience. Apart from the fact that she was crazily accurate with some of the stuff she said, there was real positivity to come from the content of what was said which was in a way eye-opening. I was very curious as to how a reading would happen and what would happen and I came away very satisfied and a little bit in awe.”

– Charles, SYD

“Charlotte is a very gifted young individual, her reading was very intuitive and accurate on key subjects we discussed. I am very impressed and will be asking her for more readings in the future. Thank you so much, Jonathan.”

– Jonathan, UK

​”I’ve had online and phone readings from Charlotte, when unable to see in her person. It was just as calming and insightful experience as if having it in real life. Charlotte’s ability to be able to give advice and connect with you on a whole new level is a very powerful experience. Each reading gives guidance and meaning to one’s life.”

– Madeleine, SYD

“Prior to seeing Charlotte, I had seen a few psychics mediums, but none were able to provide the experience I have had with Charlotte. I have been seeing Charlotte for 1.5 years now, and anticipate seeing her for many years to come. She is very personable and makes you feel instantly comfortable. The sessions I have had with her have provided me with valuable information that has had an actual impact on my life. Together we have worked on balancing my energy, and addressing life events and relationships both past and present, that are significant in my future progression and achieving what I want from life. In doing this, I’ve also had the opportunity to communicate with some loved ones who have passed, which is an experience I can’t have anywhere else.”

– Simone, SYD

“I was lucky enough to meet Charlotte on a trip to India. To say that she knows “stuff” would be an understatement! Charlotte can see all because she has guides and spirits that tell her everything. She has a gift and she knows how to use it. If you have any fear about this kind of connection, Charlotte is your girl, an actual living earth angel. I didn’t have a reading with my friend until we were in LA together sometime later, I almost didn’t want one but she insisted as a birthday gift… looking back, I now know she insisted because she had things that I needed to know, messages from loved ones who wanted to give me clarity about a few areas of my life. I strongly recommend her guidance and that you find a way to sit with this beautiful soul before she’s impossible to get in to and reading for Oprah and Ellen… which my psychic feeling tells me is inevitable.”

– Hugh, LA

“Like a laser light from a Spirit, Charlotte is a “natural” and calm channel. Her insights amazed me. She is methodical yet adaptable as she takes me on a journey with the voices that guide her. Charlotte is professional and from the moment you meet her, it is obvious that she loves what she does. She touched my heart with her openness, compassion and powerful insights into my very being. She bought messages from my loved ones who had crossed to the other side. Her full attention to my state of mind helped to bring a sense of peace that I will never forget.”

– Sarah, ADL

“Charlotte has read for me 3 times now and every single reading is such an incredible experience. The way she can communicate with my spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed is always really reassuring for me to hear I’m on the right path in life. She also has a way of tuning into and clearing my energetic body and can explain blocked or over active chakras and what I need to do to move the energy. Every single time she is spot on, even with me being in New Zealand and her in Australia.”

– Victoria, NZ

“Charlotte has the rare gift of speaking with spirit and she does so with such ease and grace. If you are speaking with a loved relative or friend who has crossed over, Charlotte is so accurate and clear with her words it’s as though they’re sitting there beside you! Charlotte easily connects with your guides and Angels as well. I have recommended Charlotte highly to my family and friends who have all enjoyed an awesome, fulfilling and very healing experience.”

– Zoe, SYD

“For anyone interested in psychic medium readings, Charlotte is the perfect, and only choice. Her readings are always done with passion and a deep level of care for her clients. The advice and knowledge she can give you on an intuitive level surrounding self care, your future, making hard decisions, connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, is unmatched. It is a gift to be in her presence always, but especially during readings.”

– Elizabeth, SYD

“Having a reading with Charlotte is always a beautiful, positive experience. Charlotte tailors readings to your needs effortlessly, making you feel very comfortable. She has invested so much in her ongoing learning, and her open minded approach is contagious. I always recommend her to anyone I know!”

– Ruth, SYD

“At first I was a bit skeptical of Charlotte’s young age. She didn’t fit the “criteria” of a psychic medium as others I had seen were a lot older. That was about 2 years ago and I can honestly say I have not looked back since. Her readings are so accurate and everything seems to fall into place and come to fruition. I had no doubt that she is connecting with my loved ones. I love hearing the messages my father and grandmother have for me. I always end up leaving my session with a sense of calm and reassurance.”

– Lucy, SYD

“As a very logical and skeptical person by nature I have had huge success from readings and spiritual guidance. I can say each experience and accuracy I hold at the highest regard. These readings have not only helped with my general life direction and health concerns but have also helped reconnect with my grandfather who passed. As a person who has received multiple readings from Charlotte I can attest to the fact that each and every one has been so settling and rewarding.”

– Matthew, SYD

“My husband, son, sister, niece and I have had a reading with Charlotte several times and are more than satisfied with our outcomes. Charlotte is amazing and beautiful and is spot on with what she says. We highly recommend her.”

– Mim, SYD

“This woman has a true gift, wrapped in a physical form of such love and warmth you can’t help but feel totally loved, held and supported as she transports you to another realm of messages from beyond. Her ability to connect with the other side is clear, confident and mind blowing at times. I have had a few readings with Charlotte now and each one has been so moving, heart opening, healing and confirming for where I am at the time of the reading. Her down to earth nature, her youthful vibrancy and relatable personality makes you feel right at home and like you are just having a regular chat with a girlfriend (and the other friends that decide to pop in).”

– Katie, SYD

“KC Spirit is a safe space for me to heal, grow and learn about my spirituality. As my relationship has grown with Charlotte and the work we do through KC Spirit, I have been lucky enough to work on my own spiritual development through the mentorship of Charlotte.”

– Amelia, SYD

“A reading with Charlotte was truly one of the most amazing things I have experienced in my life. I walked away completely surprised, shocked and in awe. I’ve had many psychic experiences before, but nothing like a reading with Charlotte. She blew me away by connecting with people who had passed and telling me things that nobody outside of our family would have known. I walked out of my reading feeling lighter, happier and with more clarity. Charlotte also resolved things for me that could only be answered by people who had already passed and, in turn, has given me peace.”

– Soraya, SYD

“I had a consultation with Charlotte a year ago and it still resonates with me. Not only did she know about loved ones of mine about whom only I had detailed knowledge, but she also had a wonderfully calming effect on me. This was a truly extraordinary experience.”

– Mark, SYD

“Charlotte has a beautiful gift! Her maturity and wisdom, combined with her deep connections to psychic spirits and energy, has provided me with insights, reassurance and direction, especially in times I have needed it most. A reading with Charlotte makes me feel lifted, guided, and supported in my future choices. She does not just simply share insights into my future, rather, provides me with practical tools to harness the present to guide my future.”

– Adriana, NYC

“Charlotte from KC Spirit was amazing. It’s hard to put into words the work she does. She made me feel calm and connected from the first session. I didn’t quite know what I wanted or was searching for when I first contacted her. We have had a few now and each time I walk away with exactly what needed. She has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend her for a reading.”

– Randelle, SYD
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