Awaken your Divine Feminine

Tuesday the 9th and 16th of November 6:00pm - 7:30pm AEDT (online) | Fully Booked

Ground, Connect & Activate

A 3-step guide to reunite with your High Priestess within. The Awaken your Divine Feminine workshop is an opportunity to connect to your higher self and activate your Divine Feminine. This includes the development of your own intuition with embedded healing and clearing. Through connecting to your inner High Priestess, your Spirit guides will become more apparent and work with you on a daily basis. Techniques and tips will be taught that will include practical tools and examples of how to continue the integration of what’s been activated in the workshop. More workshop dates will be announced soon.

The call for the Divine Feminine to rise and re-surface is more prominent than ever before. It’s time for you to call back and step into your power! Through simple understanding and techniques the Divine Feminine can be activated within that will enable your intuition to strengthen. By the grace of our Divine Feminine Ascended masters we have been given an opportunity to learn and discover how to ground on earth while connecting to our inner knowing and gain intuitive insight all at the same time. The time is now – step into your light!


When? The first workshop running on the 9th and 16th of November is fully booked. The next workshop date will be announced soon. Register for the waitlist above. 

Where? The workshop will take place via ZOOM. 

Why? Mother Earth is in need of healing and is calling for the collective rise of the Divine Feminine in all of us. Now is the time to learn and understand how to activate this Divine love within all of us and in doing so, help the world with a little more love, light, bliss and joy. The workshop will explore how to ground and connect to the core of Mother Earth practically teaching us how to remain present; include techniques how to connect to your own intuitive abilities and listen to your gut instinct; and activate your Divine Feminine within enabling you to sit in your true power, reuniting with the High Priestess that is you. 

Cost? The 3 hour workshop costs a one off payment of $133. Spots are limited as this is an intimate workshop so get in quick. There will be a waitlist for the next workshop once spots are filled.



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What clients say

"KC Spirit is a safe space for me to heal, grow and learn about my spirituality. As my relationship has grown with Charlotte and the work we do through KC Spirit, I have been lucky enough to work on my own spiritual development through the mentorship of Charlotte."

Amelia, SYD

"Charlotte has a very special gift. She has connected with many deceased family members and described them with perfect accuracy. She has told me things no one else would know and even things I didn’t know at the time. She has a positive attitude and provides helpful guidance on life decisions. Not only is she incredibly skilled as a psychic medium, but she’s warm, kind and caring. I have, and will continue to recommend her to others."

Josh, SYD

"Like a laser light from a Spirit, Charlotte is a “natural” and calm channel. Her insights amazed me. She is methodical yet adaptable as she takes me on a journey with the voices that guide her. Charlotte is professional and from the moment you meet her, it is obvious that she loves what she does. She touched my heart with her openness, compassion and powerful insights into my very being. She bought messages from my loved ones who had crossed...

Sarah, ADL

"Charlotte from KC Spirit was amazing. It’s hard to put into words the work she does. She made me feel calm and connected from the first session. I didn’t quite know what I wanted or was searching for when I first contacted her. We have had a few now and each time I walk away with exactly what needed. She has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend her for a reading."

Randelle, SYD

"Charlotte has a beautiful gift! Her maturity and wisdom, combined with her deep connections to psychic spirits and energy, has provided me with insights, reassurance and direction, especially in times I have needed it most. A reading with Charlotte makes me feel lifted, guided, and supported in my future choices. She does not just simply share insights into my future, rather, provides me with practical tools to harness the present to guide my future."

Adriana, NYC
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