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Charlotte Rowland

Charlotte has always been intuitive since she was a little girl and is unaware of what the world looks like without seeing spirits, angels and Divine beings. Charlotte was always surrounded by supportive family members who were also connected to spirit helping her to understand and develop her abilities growing up. Charlotte's number one passion is helping people to bring clarity, healing and positivity to their lives.

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What clients say

"KC Spirit is a safe space for me to heal, grow and learn about my spirituality. As my relationship has grown with Charlotte and the work we do through KC Spirit, I have been lucky enough to work on my own spiritual development through the mentorship of Charlotte."

Amelia, SYD

“Charlotte has given me so much beautiful insight into my life. She is so gifted in the way she communicates messages and tunes into your energy! I have found so much comfort in having a place to explore and evolve my intuition. Specifically the work we do around utilising your own energy to heal. Being someone who is quite sensitive to energy it’s been hard not having a space to unpack and protect myself. I am so grateful to now...

Fynn, SYD

"A reading with Charlotte was truly one of the most amazing things I have experienced in my life. I walked away completely surprised, shocked and in awe. I've had many psychic experiences before, but nothing like a reading with Charlotte. She blew me away by connecting with people who had passed and telling me things that nobody outside of our family would have known. I walked out of my reading feeling lighter, happier and with more clarity. Charlotte also resolved...

Soraya, SYD

"As a very logical and skeptical person by nature I have had huge success from readings and spiritual guidance. I can say each experience and accuracy I hold at the highest regard. These readings have not only helped with my general life direction and health concerns but have also helped reconnect with my grandfather who passed. As a person who has received multiple readings from Charlotte I can attest to the fact that each and every one has been so...

Matthew, SYD

“Charlotte’s session guided me through tough, trickier times in a magical way! I’ve never felt more connected to myself, to my spirit guides and to The Divine. I’m experiencing such abundance with my spiritual work and I am truly so grateful.”

Erica, SYD
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