Charlotte Rowland

Charlotte Rowland

Charlotte is unaware of what the world looks like without seeing spirits, angels and Divine Beings. Since she was little Charlotte was always intuitive, surrounded by supportive family members who were also connected to spirit. Charlotte's number one passion is helping people, to bring clarity, healing and positivity to their lives.

KC Spirit is a multifaceted service offering psychic guidance, connection to spirit including loved ones, angels and guides as well as healing embedded throughout a session.


Depending on the session best aligned to your needs, Charlotte offers both psychic medium readings with energetic healing and deeper connectivity sessions working on personal transformation and further inner development through healing.


What is a Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium works with spirit to bring messages from the other side to loved ones here on earth. Charlotte connects with loved ones in spirit through hearing, seeing and feeling. Using her intuition and messages from spirit, Charlotte is able to give insight and guidance regarding the future.


The benefits of healing?

Charlotte works with your higher guides and team to intuitively heal throughout a session. The benefit of energetic healing is to clear, align and shift one’s energy body resulting in often a lighter, more calming sensation of the physical, mental and emotional body.

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What clients say

"I had a consultation with Charlotte a year ago and it still resonates with me. Not only did she know about loved ones of mine about whom only I had detailed knowledge, but she also had a wonderfully calming effect on me. This was a truly extraordinary experience."

Mark, SYD

“Charlotte has given me so much beautiful insight into my life. She is so gifted in the way she communicates messages and tunes into your energy! I have found so much comfort in having a place to explore and evolve my intuition. Specifically the work we do around utilising your own energy to heal. Being someone who is quite sensitive to energy it’s been hard not having a space to unpack and protect myself. I am so grateful to now...

Fynn, SYD

"This woman has a true gift, wrapped in a physical form of such love and warmth you can’t help but feel totally loved, held and supported as she transports you to another realm of messages from beyond. Her ability to connect with the other side is clear, confident and mind blowing at times. I have had a few readings with Charlotte now and each one has been so moving, heart opening, healing and confirming for where I am at the...

Katie, SYD

"Prior to seeing Charlotte, I had seen a few psychics mediums, but none were able to provide the experience I have had with Charlotte. I have been seeing Charlotte for 1.5 years now, and anticipate seeing her for many years to come. She is very personable and makes you feel instantly comfortable. The sessions I have had with her have provided me with valuable information that has had an actual impact on my life. Together we have worked on balancing...

Simone, SYD

"KC Spirit is a safe space for me to heal, grow and learn about my spirituality. As my relationship has grown with Charlotte and the work we do through KC Spirit, I have been lucky enough to work on my own spiritual development through the mentorship of Charlotte."

Amelia, SYD
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